Mobile edits

More from my wanderings in search of dinner while on the powerboat course. The orginal photograph was taken using the built in camera app on my Blackberry Q10, owing to the tiny screen and lack of compatible apps I transferred it to my Google Nexus 7 tablet and edited it in Pixlr.
I am spending the weekend at Plas Menai and tonight had a wander round Caenafon, this scene of a derelict boat framed by 2 modern yachts appealed to my love of capturing the unusual in the everyday.
In Pixlr I carried out a number of adjustments, first I added a “dirt” frame, I then added a second photo using double exposure. This second image is of a star chart etched into granite at a modern stone circle near my home (Click The Stardic if you want to see it) which I made transparent,finally I added a Sophia colour overlay.
My original intention was to set the derelict free to sail amongst the stars however as I worked on it the old boat disappeared into the background so plans change and now the yachts sail the stars. I am not sure if the new image is still a photograph or now digital art.

~ by davkt on May 16, 2016.

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