I love travelling to new places, learning new things and finding slightly out of the ordinary things to photograph. A couple of weekends ago I was in North Wales for a powerboat driving course but this has given me chance to re-explore Caenafon, a town I haven’t visited for several years. Much as changed and there were lots of interesting new things to photograph.
On first coming across this huge anchor on the quayside I was struck by the sense of purpose the symmetry of its design conveys which , coupled with the compass rose design it sits on,  I think overcomes the asymmetry of the background. The eye is drawn from the points of the times along the shaft and out to sea, echoing my love of travel.
A shift in perspective and the anchor takes on a very different character, this time as the strongest element in a rule of thirds composition. The eye of the anchor catches the eye first positions at one of the intersections of the thirds grid pointing out to sea, then the distant misty sun but also to the directions sign on the one third from right of frame, reinforcing the longing for travel and exploration this now forever land locked anchor conveys.

~ by davkt on May 16, 2016.

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