Manual read

And now I need to find the Powershot manual to see if there as many things I’ve missed on that as well! Sure, I’d figured out all the routine camera operations like metering modes, exposure lock and burst shooting but the 5D has loads of other useful tricks up it sleeve as well. Like for example a B&W mode that can also simulate various of the standard filters you’d use with mono film, sure its easy enough to all these things on the Macbook but just occasionally I can think of times it’d be useful to print a filtered mono shot direct from the camera. Oh and there is that odd bit of silicon rubber on the strap, turns out it is a viewfinder cover to keep stray light out of the system when you are using a shutter release so your head isn’t doing the job. Very useful for shots like this one of the start of a lunar eclipse.

~ by davkt on June 18, 2011.

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