Project: Focus, Focus with a set aperture

For this project I’m using my daughters EOS 20D as she has got an f2.8 17-50mm which should show the effects better than my fastest f4 lens. All three photos were taken looking along Chapel Lane with the lens wide open and set at 17mm, ISO200, the first two 1/2000 sec and the last one 1/1600sec.


For this shot I focused as close as possible (27cm according to the markings on the lens) to bring out detail on the eroded stone gate post


Focus now about halfway along the railings


And finally I focused on the red brick house at the far end of the street.

Personally I prefer the close focused photo thanks to the texture and colour of the eroded sandstone, there is clear depth to the scene but being very out of focus I don’t find the rest of the picture distracting. While the second photo has some strong vertical lines I find my eye being drawn by the street to the slightly out of focus red brick building which distracts from the focus on the railings. In the final image the railings are now out of focus and the red brick building doesn’t seem to grab my attention.

~ by davkt on June 18, 2011.

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