Monitor Calibration

I’ve been happily using my Macbook Pro on its standard monitor calibration settings. The course material said it was important to properly calibrate the screen. So tonight’s bit of digging around in the innards of OSX was to find how to do the calibration (nice and easy, system preferences, displays, colour, calibrate, then tick the advanced box as the not advanced just seems to make things worse!). Follow the instructions on screen and WOW what a difference! I really hadn’t realised all those white screens I’d been looking at were actually a dirty grey colour until I started flipping back and forth between my nice new calibrated profile and the standard one and looking at various photos the improvement is equally obvious. Next job sorting out the printer colour matching I think as the shots I’ve printed for my files so far look a little dark.

~ by davkt on June 20, 2011.

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