The right camera for the job

In my sequence of compositions exercise I explained how using the the discrete but very capable Powershot G10 had let me get some shots I wouldn’t have managed with the 5DMkII (particularly with a  great big white L series 100-400 on the front of it!). Well another weekend and another music festival and its time for the other side of the story.

While there were a whole load of potential shots I didn’t even try to take as the big obvious setup would have certainly been noticed and even a subconscious reaction would have spoilt the shot. But the other side of the story is exactly that, it is a big obvious setup, which more than once just wandering round had people asking to have their photo taken. But more than this it got noticed by the performers on stage on several occasions and the reaction was rather favourable! For example I was spotted lining up the shot below and the singer looked into the camera till I’d taken it and lowered the camera.

So while any camera is always better than none it would seem choice of camera (and lens) can have quite an influence on the resulting image for reasons as much psychological as technical.

~ by davkt on August 28, 2011.

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