Nice to Meet You

Here is my submission for the first assignment in Cameras, Exposure and Photography.

This photograph actually a building next door but one to my house, while the building itself is only just over two hundred years it is home to one of the oldest industrial law courts in the world. The Barmote Court which building is home to governs lead mining in Derbyshire and even though lead mining almost completely ended around 100 years ago the court still sits every year as it has done for over 700 years to deal with legacy issues. In framing this shot I tried to capture something of the grand history and imposing power of the court in the perspective I shot the courthouse from.

MoothallbThe top left is was way overexposed owing to the sun being there which also caused the rather annoying lens flare but I decided those were a price worth paying as I’d been taking pics of this building all day and this was the only one that got the lovely warm colour of the sandstone so nicely.

~ by davkt on April 1, 2016.

One Response to “Nice to Meet You”

  1. Thank you, Professor Talbot, it is wonderful seeing images, pictures here on your web site. After taking week 1 now in week 4, I feel I am a slow learner but each time I review parts of the lessons or explore the class discussions, I learn something new.

    This pic helps me understand and reaffirm the lessons. I thought I would never grasp anything to do with photography as well as understand the elusive process it take for photos.

    I see the glare spots but also more important I see the warm cool beige of the building. I feel like I am able run my hands over each sandstone wall full filling two senses site and touch. I imagine it is a quite day perhaps a bit chilly, the sense of smell eludes me, however spring maybe around the corner.

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