Colour compositions

Here are my photos from the first week of course 3, focusing on colour. These photographs are part of my ongoing project recording the out of the ordinary on my doorstep, in this case 3 little scenes playing out within a few feet of each other on the footpath outside and window of junk shop a couple of hundred yards from home. In the picture of the carved figures I was struck by the contrast of the contrast of the strong colours of the figures, stool and jugs compared to the pastel of the floor and walls emphasising how these are objects out of their place and time. With the copperware is again a contrast but this time in the mind, between the soft warm copper and gold colour of the blow torches and coal bucket and the intense hot yellow flames they would have produced when used for their intended purpose. The third photo is yet more colour and contrast, between the unnatural colours of the model and natural wood as well as within the model between the monochrome buildings, boring man made constructs, and vibrant colours of the fantasy trees, plants and grass.

~ by davkt on May 16, 2016.

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